CLEAN Reserve Fragrance

CLEAN Reserve Fragrance
CLEAN Reserve Fragrance

Hi Darlins

I do get quite excited (like a kid in fact) when I can bring something to the blog that is totally new to me, and hopefully you.

CLEAN Reserve is and all together different type of fragrance brand.   Pioneers of simple and eco-conscious fragrances.  CLEAN Reserve believes in sustainable beauty, blended with raw ingredients for a unique fragrance collection.

CLEAN Reserve Fragrance
CLEAN Reserve Fragrance

A few things I fell in love with about the brand.

 Each formula has been beautifully crafted using a blend of pure ingredients, which are sourced in an environmentally and socially responsible way. Living in harmony with the environment and supporting the local communities who help cultivate these ingredients are at the core of the brand ethos

  • The bottle cap is sourced from Spain and is made of wood from certified sustainably managed forests.
  •  Each fragrance in the collection is infused with sustainable ingredients. Several fragrances also include ECOCERT materials.  
  • CLEAN Reserve fragrances are manufactured in a facility that uses 100% solar energy.
  • The alcohol in the fragrance is derived from corn, allowing for a highly refined and pure juice. Aloe is also incorporated for added benefits and how it feels on the skin.
  • The glass bottle is 100% recyclable. 

CLEAN Reserve Fragrance
CLEAN Reserve Fragrance

CLEAN Reserve Eau de Parfum collection includes: 

  •  Sueded Oud - a balance of freshness and deep incense, surrounded by warmth and earthiness 
  •  Blonde Rose  ( shown here) - true feminine balanced floral that is subtle yet sophisticated and sexy 
  • Rain - blends Amazonian rain with a sparkling freshness from bergamot, chilled cucumber and dewy water lily 
  •  Warm Cotton - brings the ultimate feeling of luxurious comfort to life with a blend of beautiful floral cotton accords, elegant plush lily, amber and three dimensional musks 
  •  Smoked Vetiver - a sophisticated interpretation of the polarity between cold and warm that is inviting and sexy.
  •  NEW:  Sal Santal – is a rich, woody, yet uplifting and fresh fragrance.  A blend of salty ocean air paired with an aroma of fresh, green fig trees. 
  •  Citron Fig - is an explosion of freshness with a unique blend of citrus, spices and woods. 
  • Skin – Inspired by the feeling of a warm embrace and a loving touch, complimented by delicate notes of orange blossom and a touch of sweet honeysuckle. 
  • Amber Saffron – blends irresistible fresh delicate florals, soothing musks, warm amber, and exquisite saffron. 
  •  Terra Woods - Captures the Scandinavian sensibility of inviting nature into the home, with bright and elegant florals that bring the fragrance to life. 
  •  Velvet Flora - Authentic, sophisticated, and sexy. Exuding brightness and confidence through a blend of effervescent bergamot, bright tangerine, exotic saffron, patchouli, and leathery woods.  

 Shown here is the Blonde Rose, which has a beautifully clean fresh feminine scent, that warms onto the skin leaving notes of musk, the fragrances can be paired together or worn alone, and the recommendation for pairing Blonde Rose is Sueded Oud or Smoked Vetiver.  The heavy glass bottle has that gorgeous tactile feel of something rather special.

CLEAN Reserve is available at 

Clean Reserve 

  Lyn x

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  1. I've heard of the brand before but not tried any of the scents. They all sound dreamy x

    1. How I missed this comment is beyond me, I'm so so sorry, Clean reserve are definitely worth a try, they have fabulous ethics.

      Lyn x


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