Dr Ceuticals Hand SOS Intensive Balm

Dr Ceuticals Hand SOS Intensive Balm

Hi Darlins,
Winter!  Love it or hate it we have to admit it can cause as much damage to our skin as blazing sunshine. Chapped sore skin is no joke, I can remember years ago as a child being told off for not drying my hands properly. As a child,  I thought it was something to be ignored and not having the reason explained to me couldn't see the big deal, it was only as I got older I understood the reason for the nagging!

I know lot's of women who use hand cream as if their life depended on it, I wish I was one of those. I am guilty of having neglected my hands over the years and only really paying them attention when they look dry, or I am on a pampering mission. I have recently been testing out a new brand to me Dr.Ceuticals, you may well have heard of them or indeed seen the brand in Boots, my first outing has been with Dr.Ceuticals Hand SOS Intensive Balm. Don't be fooled into thinking balm means thick or greasy as I did, it's not. A rich emollient cream that is full of Lanolin, Glycerine, Shea & Cocoa butters, boosted with a product called Allantoin which is an ingredient claimed to have super repairing properties.  This Balm works from the very first application, my hands immediately felt softer, looked better and were left with a very fine almost invisible barrier to protect even further.

Dr Ceuticals Hand SOS Intensive Balm

This is no lightweight flowery pretty little hand cream, this does the business when it comes to softening and repairing, great for those that want fast acting no nonsense product that does exactly what it claims.

NOT tested on animals.

Dr Ceuticals range of products is currently on offer at Boots, however for some reason this balm is not shown, it is available directly from the Dr.Ceuticals online site.

Lyn x

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  1. I have a very dry skin on my hands, especially in winter. None of the pretty, ligthweight flowery hand creams work for me. I use Neutrogena hand cream and I am very happy with it. DR CEUTICALS HAND SOS INTENSIVE BALM sounds great so I will give it a try too! Just found your blog and love it! :)


    1. Hi Magda, thanks for popping by. Neutrogena is amazing, but I have actually found this one less greasy which works for me as I am lazy and impatient:)



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