Daughter Of The Soil

Daughter Of The Soil

Hi Darlings, Daughter Of The Soil is not a brand you may have heard of. It's new and is set to find a top spot in the natural skincare market. With it's ethical priorities the brand comes with a gorgeous story that goes back generations and has the founder CEO Maria Magembe fulfilling a family history dating back to the 1950's in Africa. You can read the brands story here.

The products are of natural origin and contain rich emollient botanical oils that soften, smooth and improve elasticity in the skin. With no Harsh chemicals, colours or fragrances the brand bring 100% natural beauty principles and ethics to everything they produce.

I have tested out 

Daughter Of The Soil

Daughter Of The Soil Marula Hand Wash Chai Tea 250ml

A gorgeous clean spa like fragrance a little of this hand wash goes a long way so 250ml pump will last literally an age, containing Marula Oil which is said to be known as the miracle oil this hand wash not only cleans your hands it leaves them feeling really soft with no itchy tight feeling to the skin, the oil leaves a light barrier so in most cases there is no need for further cream.

Daughter Of The Soil

Daughter Of The Soil Baobab And Rooibos Body Wash White Mulberry 250ml

This body wash has a deeper fragrance than the hand wash and is one of those products that has you deep breathing in the shower as the aroma is one that feels good for your soul and lifts your spirits, Baobab oil is said to have high vitamins and anti-ageing oxidants that encourage the skin to be healthy and maintain elasticity. Rooibos Tea is a potent anti-oxidant that is rich in Zinc. 
I found this body wash a real pleasure to use, my skin tends to get really dry and itchy with over processed products and can sometimes be left feeling stripped of all moisture, this however, left is soft and fully moisturised with no dryness.

Both products are suitable for all skin types and are available at daughterofthesoil.co.uk with 15% off your first order.

Lyn x

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