Le Savon Lune Argentum Apothecary

Le Savon Lune Argentum Apothecary

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Here's an interesting question, when is a soap not a soap ?  for all intents and purposes this is a bar of soap right ?  well no not really, it contains no soap !

Argentum Apothecary are not a company that will churn out product after product, in fact there are only 4 products in the entire range I have written about them here 

Le Savon Lune Argentum Apothecary

As always with this Company there is a huge emphasis on the Patented formula of Silver Hydrosol  DNA HP along with Betonite a  colloidal clay made from aged volcanic ash, the cleansing  bar has been formulated as skin care in it's own right rather than just a bar of soap.  

Le Savon Lune Argentum Apothecary

 When I used this I actually found it to be pretty good at removing make up, which surprised me, I used it as a first cleanse at night, and as a stand alone cleanse in the morning, to be fair I was terrified of it as I don't do bars of soap in any shape or form, but once again this is NOT a bar of soap, and it left my skin with no redness, itching or tightness, the fragrance is one of a very expensive salon treatment, I did also test it out on my body although that isn't what it is designed for and it was lovely.  Mr LB also tested this out for me as a shaving soap, and loves it, so it looks like I will need to share my bar !

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