Check your Tumble Dryer

Hi Loves,

This is a super quick post as I really want to get this message out there, a couple of weeks ago my tumble dryer was getting a bit hot, as It happened my daughters were over that day, and informed me of this huge recall a lot of suppliers were doing, I said oh mines ancient it won't be one of those, well my daughter insisted on checking online, and yes it was a dodgy dryer !!!

It was really easy to do apparently she just typed the model number into google and there is a link that allows you to check, long story short, we filled in the online form ( well she did ) and I received an email that day saying it was being dealt with, one week later an email asking me to chose a new delivery day and a new dryer for £59.00 they are coming in two days to remove and replace !

I URGE you to do this, please don't get a house fire for the sake of a couple of moments online.

Lyn x 


  1. good tip - have checked mine and its not on the list.

    em x


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