AlphaH Beauty Sleep Power Peel

AlphaH Beauty Sleep Power Peel
AlphaH Beauty Sleep Power Peel 

Hiya Gorgeous Face

I honestly don't know where to start with this, my love for this brand is totally off the scale ever since my first outing with Liquid Gold.  And you know my love of all things peeling and exfoliating !

For those of you that don't know AlphaH as a company please please do look at the website, and if you ever fly with British Airways pick up the limited edition AlphaH Liquid Gold 50ml size that is available to BA passengers, I promise you with everything holy that you will become an Alpha addict, I would like every one of you to come to my house for a quick wipe over with this magical liquid just to see what I mean.  Anyway this post isn't about Liquid Gold it is all about Beauty Sleep Power Peel with 0.5% Retinol.

AlphaH Beauty Sleep Power Peel
AlphaH Beauty Sleep Power Peel 

This is no mamby pamby product it really is skincare at it's absolute finest, a powerhouse of active products that literally munch away dead skin cells and boost the skins ability to re-new and repair itself.  Whilst AlphaH are synonymous for the anti ageing label, I would say this peel is for anyone that wants, brighter, clearer non congested skin, it works to repair pigmentation, acne scars and kills off dry cells overnight, it literally eats them up ( yum )


14% Glycolic Acid
0.5% Retinol
Fruit Enzymes

Used twice a week on clean skin at night, you will have instant gratification from the very first application, applying from the decolletage upwards covering neck and face in upwards circular motions ( avoid eye areas) you may feel a very slight tingle ( I love this bit )  to me it's the ingredients getting to work, sleep in your Peel and just see the difference in the morning, I find this especially good if I go through a run of not sleeping too well, as in the morning there are no signs of a rough night.

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Are you an AlphaH Lover ? please do let me know what products you have tried.

Love n Hugz
Lyn 💋


  1. I love alpha H products they are literally great for sorting out your skin with there ingredients.... Your pictures are amazing Hunny xxc

    1. Hi Laura they are fabulous ar'nt they,thanks for the photo comment it is very much appreciated.
      Lyn x


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