10 joys of being an " Older Woman "

  1. I don't have to keep up with what Cosmo says I need to wear
  2. I don't have to show everyone hysterical clips on my phone every 30 seconds
  3. I don't have to swipe to get a boyfriend
  4. I feel no pressure to be out of the house every Friday night
  5. I don't care who went where or who has what
  6. I don't need sky blue pink lips coz MAC tells me so
  7. I have learned that a designer bag will not keep you off Prozac
  8. I can have one non perfect brow without a breakdown 
  9. I can say I want to holiday without children without being Mum cursed
  10. Just for luck.........I can write stupid lists just to amuse myself.
Lyn 💋