Starting a blog ......One year on

Hi My Loves

This is a more of a personal post, it's stupid o'clock in the morning and for some reason my year in blogging popped into my head,  so wanted to share some thoughts with you.

I started this blog in 2015, as you can see I have actually owned a blog since 2010 when I wrote the grand total of one post for the year and then increased to a massive nine posts in the following years, until 2015 when I started to take things a little more seriously, long story short, gave up owning a business, due to health couldn't stay home and do nothing and with the encouragement of family decided there must be older women out there like me, who still had a massive interest in health beauty and fashion.

As everyone does I started writing my thoughts on products I owned and loved, from the very start I decided that having owned a business and knowing how passionate people are about their companies I would never intentionally slate a product or a brand, this space was not made for negativity, if I try something don't like it, you won't hear about it, the brand will hear but you wont.  Thinking back  as to how naive I was when I first started writing, I absolutely believed that everyone wanted to be my friend and we would all support each other in our happy band of keyboard ramblings, hmmmmm that's another post in itself :) 

 I read the advise from other bloggers, I wrote emails to a couple of bloggers that inspired me admiring their work, and am delighted to report that both of these amazing ladies replied with encouragement although thinking back now they had probably heard all the enthusiastic wittering a million times before. I would like to thank Lorraine Ladish who is a US Blogger and influencer. and Kimberly at Swoonworthy who has the most amazing Home Interiors Blog ever. Thank you ladies 💋

I read posts that said you must approach brands that you like and that they would be delighted to work with you, WELL this one I now have to laugh about, I recall contacting one of the largest PR companies in the UK and being asked for stats, at the time I didn't know what these were, and they very kindly talked me through how to send them my Google analytics which I was very proud of, as It showed them that I had almost 100 readers a day !!  whoop whoop go me, I did say I was naive so you can stop laughing now; they very politely informed me to come back when I had grown up lol, they were lovely, and although along my blogging journey I have met the owner on a few occasions I have never ever told her of my rookie error, that experience made me sit back and think that this contacting people lark wasn't for me and that I should just carry on doing what I was enjoying and see where it went, here we are still seeing how it is going one year down the line.

I can, in all honesty say I have been blessed, I have met some amazing people along the way, both in real life and online, I have been lucky enough to attend some amazing events and have worked with fabulous brands of all sizes and discovered some that will now be lifelong love affairs. PLEASE don't think this post is written as advise in anyway, I am not in a position to give advise, I am a small blogger who has been lucky.   The one thing I would say to you if you are starting out, is DON'T buy followers, I understand nowadays that you can even buy people to like your pictures etc, don't be tempted, it's fake and gives a false representation and anyone who knows this game will know, and you will end up looking daft when you are caught out, it's cheating.

As for me, I will keep doing what I do and see where this little space in the interwebby takes me, being 60 years old this Christmas Day I think Zoella is safe in her top spot, what I would like, is to carry on pretty much as I am, enjoying what I do and having some massive laughs along they way.

If I don't do another personal post before the big day, Have a fantastic Christmas however you spend it.

How has your year gone ?  

Love n Hugz
Lyn 💋


  1. Oh I loved this post and thank you so much for your sweet shout out! I think you should be damn proud of your little spot on the internet. The thing is, the internet is SWAMPED with girls in their 20s doling out beauty/skin care advice etc but ya know... Zoella can keep her spot. I'd much rather take advice from a mature woman who knows what's what! Thanks for sharing lovely and keep on doing what you're doing. You've got a great thing going here and you should be proud of how far you've come in the last year! Mwah! xxx

  2. Aww thanks Kimberly, that's so kind, I really appreciate it, I will never forget your kindness when I first started out and will continue to follow your decorating antics in awe.

    Have a fantastic holiday.
    Lyn x

  3. Hi Lyn a reassuring post for me to read as I am a newbie blogger (I used to blog a lot a few years ago but it's a whole new ball game now). It's good to hear how your blog has grown in a year. I'll persevere!

    1. Gail you are doing amazingly well :) as long as you enjoy it that's all that counts, mine keeps me sane ( most days ) lol
      Lyn x


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