Deichmann Graceland Long Boots

Hi Loves

It took me a while to finally give up my flip flops this year, as you know I hate winter and everything associated to being cold, I usually have two seasons when it comes to footwear, Summer and Uggs, I spend every winter in a new pair of Uggs and have done for about 8 years ! I go for comfort, which as I explained to my Grandaughter the other day is a sure sign of getting old !  Gone are the days when I would limp in agony with new footwear thinking I looked good :) 

That's all great  unless you want to look a bit smarter while still staying warm, my fur topped tan boots don't really look great with black tights and a dress LOL.

Ha !  my problem is now solved, I have the BEST pair of boots ever that literally I have not stopped wearing since they arrived, Deichmann Online solved the problem, the boots I chose are from the Graceland Range and are quite simply a shock to my system, I expected them to hurt,  I have a love/ hate with new footwear, whilst I buy tons of new shoes they very rarely get past one wear when I decide I don't have the will power or patience to break them in.  These boots however, where a joy from the first outing, no pain, discomfort, blisters, nothing !

They are quite a strange material, a kind of mix of suede and microfibre, whatever it is it's seriously warm even with bare feet, waterproof and any marks just simply wipe off with a damp cloth to have them looking brand new again.

This design have two zips, a main boot zip and an outer zip that you can open to reveal a pattern insert should you wish, or if you need the boots a bit wider on the calf, they do however come in both regular and wide fittings which is handy as a lot of boots don't.  I must be doing something right, I even got " Oh Nan I love your boots where are they from ? "  from a 21 year old......... go me :) 

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Do you love or hate Winter ?  I would love to know your thoughts.

Happy walking Lyn x

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