Seven Seas Perfect 7 Woman

Seven Seas Perfect 7 Woman
Seven Seas Perfect 7 Woman

Hiya Beautiful
As a regular reader of this blog you will know already that I am partial to a supplement, as much as I love my skin care and make up, I do think that if you can work from from the inside you are giving yourself a fighting chance to do all that you can to look after yourself.

With that in mind I am just at the end of a four week course of taking Seven Seas Perfect Woman 7, designed specifically to work on the seven things most important to us as we age.

Seven Seas Perfect 7 Woman
Seven Seas Perfect 7 Woman


Zinc for skin and nails
Biotin for Hair 
Magnesium for energy
Vitamin B2  for eye health
EPA & DHA for heart health
Vitamin B6 for Hormonal activity.

Seven Seas Perfect 7 Woman
Seven Seas Perfect 7 Woman

Plus Natural Source Marine Oil with Omega 3

The one month pack contains 30 tablets of vitamins and minerals plus 30 tablets of Marine Oil. A complete one month supply.

Do I feel better for taking them ?  not really, BUT I do feel better for knowing that I am giving my body all of these vitamins and minerals that diminish with age. I think we owe it to ourselves to at least try and look after our bodies from the inside, bearing in mind you only get one :)

I have just discovered these at a ridiculously cheap price on a Black Friday deal.  saving over £4.00 per pack, could well be worth stocking up.

 Black Friday Deal NOW £5.49 Click here  Seven Seas Perfect7 Woman, 30 Day Duo Pack

Love n Hugz
Lyn x


  1. hi thanks for another great post - I always enjoy reading your blog. what do you think of the various collagen drinks around - I like them but some are soon expensive x

    1. I do love them, but as you rightly say they can be expensive,there are cheaper ways to get Collagen into your body, I think you just have to shop around to find one that suits.
      Lyn x


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