Proskins Gold Gloves

Proskins Gold Gloves

Hiya Darlins

This post has literally taken forever to write, after my success with testing leggings from Proskins which you can read here   I was really curious about gloves that contain the ability to moisturise your hands with no cream ? the reason it has taken me so long is that I was very kindly sent these to try out in the Summer, and to do the trial properly there was no way I could do them justice, so now we have a change in weather here we are !

Proskins Gold Gloves

IF like me you are shaking your head thinking oh right another gimmick, bare with me, I felt the same about these as I did the leggings at first and was proved wrong, my first impressions are probably what are running through your mind right now, ( over priced gimmick )  sorry Proskins .

I started off thinking how on earth am I going to test these out, I cant type in them, it's too hot to sleep in them and I certainly don't need to wear them around the house !  but...........I did manage and quite easily in fact, Yes I did sleep in them a couple of times much to the amusement of a certain man.  But the best use I had were under gardening gloves, rubber housework gloves and just as gloves in general for walking the dog on chilly mornings, I aim to wear these on a daily basis under normal winter gloves as the weather gets colder.

Proskins Gold Gloves


GOLD anti-ageing beauty garments  revolutionary nanotechnology which utilises 24 karat gold in the yarn to help with ageing, anti-oxidants and moisturising of the skin. Disregarding the need for invasive surgery or creams, GOLD helps the skin to naturally create Hyaluronic Acid (HA) - a substance naturally present in the skin that plays a key role in skin health and youth.
PATENTED 24 KARAT GOLD NANOPARTICLES - These gold nanoparticles are bound to hyaluronic acid molecules. Hyaluronic acid is a powerful moisturiser that occurs naturally in the skin. As we age, the natural hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases, leaving it looking tired, dull and dry. When Proskins GOLD is worn, the hyaluronic acid is delivered directly onto the skin, which hydrates and moisturises resulting in a fresh and youthful appearance. Every single Gold Nanoparticle carries thousands of hyaluronic acid molecules. These are released in a controlled way throughout the lifetime of the garment.
PROSKINS GOLD TEXTILE ANTI-OXIDANT EFFECT - The antioxidant effect is conducted by the nanoparticles conjugated to HA, to protect the skin against free radicals present in the atmosphere - which are responsible for skin ageing. The antioxidant effect of Proskins GOLD fibre has been evaluated using the DPPH technique, which confirms the anti-oxidant potential of a compound.

I am glad I waited to really test these out properly, they work for sure and Proskins even have some before and after videos on their site, which I wish I had done.

Check out the link HERE

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