Vincent Longo Water Canvas Blush

I have previously written about the amazing Brand Vincent Longo prior to their launch in the UK Here and Here, this time we are testing out the Vincent Longo Water Canvas Blush, it comes in 4 shades and the shade I have tested out here is Swan Lake a gorgeous subtle pink that I think would suit most if not all colourings.

As always with this brand the secret is water well, Vincent Longo "Microwater" to be exact, it cleverly identifies any dry patches and boots them with moisture leaving you with an even finish,  working with Vincent Longo over the past few months I have come to appreciate that this brand is not for those that want to look over made up, it is subtle and sophisticated bringing out what nature gave you, the colours stay true and due to the Microwater, never leave you looking dry or flaky.

Water Canvas Blush is a creme to powder formula, I would usually avoid anything too powdery but this applies like cream and never looks dry or dusty, perfect for mature skin as we know powder often highlights our "smiley lines"  simply apply with fingers in a dabbing motion to the apples of your cheeks, ( the round bits you see when you smile) or if you want a full on glam look, apply in a sweeping motion across the whole cheek using a sponge applicator.

This blush has the ability to make your skin look very lightly flushed and dewy without the doll face look, in the words of the brand "lit from within" 

Oil Free, Fragrance Free, Non Comedogenic and most importantly Cruelty Free.

Find Vincent Longo Water Canvas Creme to Powder Blush   Here 

Love Lyn x

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