Thoughts of a "mature " woman

Hiya Darlins

I do realise how lucky I am that a lot of my readers are gorgeous young things, but this post is written for those of us that are deemed * mature* I use this word tongue in cheek as I honestly don't really know what it is meant to mean, if it means that your skin is lacking in the elasticity it once had then I am mature, if it means you suddenly one day wake up with a shed load of responsibility and wonder what the hell happened then yep that too. My question is when does it really happen ?

As you all know I test products, make up , beauty items and write about them from the view of a mature woman, because that is apparently what I am, but here's the thing, the reason I am always flying the *mature* flag is simply to bring it to the attention of other less elasticised women, not that I want to champion age in any shape or form, am I ashamed, or embarrassed to be 59 ? no of course not, but I do struggle with the whole *selfie* thing, I do the odd one purely and simply because I want you to have a face behind the name, they are mostly a P*** take as you know if you follow my instagram ( thelavenderbarnltd )  do I feel any different inside to when I was in my teens and twenties ?  of course not, but how do I get to my crew ?  without using the *age* thing ?

This brings me to other thoughts on getting older and apparently wiser, when I sit and listen to the gorgeous young ones telling me about the latest bloke thing, best way I can describe it as they do it differently nowadays, of course I spout the clever Nanna sayings, like " He wants a Rolex babe not a Timex " when in fact in my youth I was probably the two quid watch that came from the petrol station, my Mum taught me some things, but self respect wasn't one of them, that came with the years, and when you are listening to these gorgeous young things, you remember what it felt like to be totally and utterly obsessed with some complete and utter waster, waiting for the phone, or a knock on the door, no Tinder or social media then, and chances where it was Mum or Dad that answered the phone or opened the door LOL, My Dad shouting *there is something with spots at the door for you *  was a joy .

I have no clue where this post is going or why I even started writing, but I am convinced it can't only be me that has these thoughts :)

I still become like a teenager when I see a new Palette, and don't get me started on highlighters, I would be a bloody glitter ball if I had my way,  so all in all nothing really changes, only your SHELL.

Love n Hugz

Lyn x