Skin by Herbalife

Skin by Herbalife The Lavender Barn

Herbalife ?  what's the first thing you think of ? certainly not skincare I'll bet.

The company will hate me for saying this but I was very underwhelmed at the thought of trying this, and I thought, if I am honest it was a bit of a gimmick.  Well shame on me, I am embarrassed to even admit that I thought that in the first place as I definitely did the company an injustice, which just proves first thoughts aren't always the right ones, and you would have thought at this age I would have known that !

Basically the range comes as a simple numbered step by step process, making it simple to do as much or as little as you like within your routine.

Starting  Step 1  cleanse   Polishing Citrus Cleanser. Normal/Oil skin 150 ml
A beautifully fragranced clear gel formula containing Jojoba beads, I love this with a passion, probably because I am cleanser obsessed and love anything citrus, it did a good job at cleansing, I used it as a second cleanse after an oil.  It says it removes make up, which it does, but I am a belt n braces type of gal when it comes to cleansing, however I did use this as a stand alone cleanse in the morning and it was fabulous, fresh and fruity, the perfect wake up call, my skin was not even slightly dry or itchy, it was left feeling squeaky clean as you would expect from a non cream.  I am going to be sad faced when this runs out if I am truthful.

Skin by Herbalife The Lavender Barn

Step 2 is the Tone Phase, I tried Energising Herbal Toner  50 ml  A spritz bottle that can be spritzed directly onto the face or soaked onto cotton wool if you prefer. Containing Aloe and vitamins B3, C and E it does have a slight herbal fragrance to it, it worked beautifully leaving my skin feeling quite moist and refreshed, the only downside is that it is only a 50 ml bottle so would run out quite quickly if used twice a day.

Skin by Herbalife The Lavender Barn

Step 3 is the Treat Phase which contains a Line Minimising Serum 50 ml 

Skin by Herbalife The Lavender Barn

Step 4 is the Target Stage which includes 2 different eye treatments I tried out Hydrating Eye Cream 15 ml  this little pump action bottle produces the exact amount needed for each eye in one pump, I would say almost fragrance free, a light delicate eye cream that applied well and didn't give me puffy eyes as some creams do. Containing Vitamins B3, C, E, Aloe Vera, and Macadamia nut oil,and Cucumber extract, it has a super cooling effect on the eye area.

Skin by Herbalife The Lavender Barn

Step 5 is the Moisturising Stage  where you can chose from Daily moisturiser, SPF Cream or Night Cream, I tested out the Replenishing Night Cream 50 ml & Daily Glow Moisturiser 50 ml

Again a pump action container that delivers just the right amount to smooth your face and neck, a further pump will cover the decolletage, as you would expect for night a rich ( but not thick and greasy ) formula, with a very delicate subtle almost fruit fragrance.  The daily Glow moisturiser is almost identical but in a much lighter formulation that disappears quickly into the skin leaving it touchably soft. These two  products claim that you will see a difference in 7 days !!!!!!!  HUGE claim in my opinion.

Skin by Herbalife The Lavender Barn

I would quite frankly say that  this stage is the star of the show, they are a delight to use and really do leave you touching your skin when you wake up and wanting to check the mirror throughout the day,  any misgivings I had about this range were beginning to wane at the Polishing Citrus Cleanser, but a complete turn around happened with these creams, I would BUY them for sure, and the 7 day claim ? well yes I would 100% give it to them !

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Love Lyn x