Metallic Gloss Liquid Lipsticks

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I have been wanting to write this post for a while and fear if I leave it any longer liquid lipsticks will have been replaced by something else (glue on smiles ) maybe ?

Anyway, I know I know that Matte Liquid lipsticks are all the thing, and I would love to say, Oh yes I wear nothing else dahhling as I am so hip and trendy, I DON'T, I have tried, lord knows I have but I have yet to find one that doesn't go out of it's merry way to highlight every crack and crevice in my ancient lips :)

Move over Cruella !   Not one to be deterred I have been exploring Metallic liquid lipsticks, I use the word metallic but what I mean is ultra sparkly but with a decent pigment, I don't want a clear glittery gloss.  For many years I have favoured pearly, shiny, glossy lips, simply because I think they give a softer look as I have got older, and older and older.  Gone are the days of dramatic Burgundy for me.

The Number One for me for a long while now has been L'Oreal Paris Infallible Mega Gloss in shade 210 Disco Ball a soft nude/gold with a fantastic pigment shine and staying power. and at 6.99 I would never ever be without a couple of these ( in the same shade )  not a matte metallic but liquid gloss.

This one is going to make me sound barking mad, I fell in love with the colour in Superdrug and on returning home and trying it on, I looked like I was all set for Halloween, howeverrrrr on removing with a dry tissue it left the most gorgeous pale nude/silver finish that lasted literally hours, It really was something brilliant coming from a complete mistake. I did actually do a demo of it on one of my YouTube videos to demonstrate just how fab it was.

MUA Luxe Metallic Liquid Lips in the shade Glint at £4.00 for a huge 6.5g  This is crazy brilliant, I use it as a base to most lip products nowadays.

Next Up Are two of my latest acquisitions from Jouer Cosmetics you may not have heard of this company but trust me, you will be glad you have !
Pure Luxury, it is like using liquid gold silk that is so highly pigmented and metallic it could be spotted by NASA.

I bought Long Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick In the shade Papaya  £15.00 which is described as Metallic Warm Peach.  OMG I cannot tell you how beautiful this is.   I first spotted it on a random Instagram picture and had to hunt it down.

I also Bought Jouer Long Wear Lip Topper in Tan Lines  £13.50  this is designed to be worn over any Jouer Lip creme and literally goes on like liquid silk and is totally weightless, I have been using this as a topper over all the Matte shade mistakes I have bought of late, ie: Kat Von D, The Balm Meet Matte Hughs etc.

Another one that I tried was from the US Brand ColorPop This one I managed to get from the US but have found a couple in different shades here and here in the UK.  This is fab for both pigmentation and staying power, it is not quite as metallic as the others, but great.

I am still searching for metallic liquid lipsticks so I doubt this will be my last review.

My personal Fav list.

  1. L'Oreal Paris, isn't quite a dry metallic but has my heart
  2. Jouer liquid lipstick Papaya
  3. Jouer Lip Topper
  4. MUA  for the sheer fact that it's brilliant.
  5. ColorPop was worth chasing down, but last because it's a pain to get hold of.

A Quick bit of gossip for you, I was recently chatting to Adam Minto, the man behind Make up Revolution, Freedom, I Heart Make up and now the brand new brand Makeup Obsession, and he tells me that in December we will see some dupes of ( Lip Kits )  and we all know who makes them, can't wait !!!!!

That's it, hope you like at least one of my choices, although I am a family laughing stock as every lippie I own is almost in identical shade !

Love n Hugz
Lyn x