Imeeden Prime Renewal 50 +

Imeeden Prime Renewal 50 +

That time flew by !

My 12 week trail with Imedeen has come to an end, I wrote about beginning the trial which you can read here 

I was really looking forward to the end of this testing period, not that I wanted it over, but I was desperate to find out if Imedeen had actually increased the Collagen content of my skin,  to be 100% fair to the product I didn't expect there to be a real change, I have often taken Collagen supplements of some form or another for the purpose of the blog, so really didn't expect anything much at all.

Imeeden Prime Renewal 50 +

On a non scientific level I can actually see and feel a difference in my skin, not a huge amount facially but then I test out products on a daily basis so it would be a hard call to see a difference, what I can say though is that is a definite "feel" to my skin that wasn't there before, it feels slightly firmer and bouncier on my face, if that makes sense.

The biggest and for me the best thing to happen during this 12 weeks was that the skin on my body overall was far less dry than it had been previously, and I swear my arms look firmer at the tops, this could be wishful thinking, but I am convinced they look better.
Imeeden Prime Renewal 50 +

 Once again I was visited by the lovely Emma from Imedeen who as always looked amazing, ready with her clever equipment to re-test my collagen levels, and guess what ?  almost 10% increase !!! 

Here is how  the result looks on the screen side by side with my first test.

Imeeden Prime Renewal 50 +

As you can see on the first picture the collagen under the surface (brown) is quite scattered and not compact at all, on the second picture you can see that the collagen is more dense, less scattered and totally under the surface.

I am no scientist, but even I can see that as an improvement :)

Now to the cost, the RRP is 59.99 for one month supply, but you really do need to keep an eye on QVC and the website as there are often fantastic offers.

Here is my thinking on the cost of this product, whenever I hear someone say oh that's expensive when it comes to skincare, I immediately think, hang on a little minute here, you spend XYZ  on clothes, shoes, handbags jewellery etc, which is all lovely, BUT these items are disposable, you have to look at that face ( god willing ) for a very very long time.  Plus, if it were something for your Children or loved one you wouldn't give it a second thought.  ( please correct me if I am wrong )  as women we always put ourselves at the bottom of the list, even the pets come higher, for the risk of sounding like a L'Oreal advert, you are worth it.

Love n Hugz
Lyn x 


  1. I might start taking it now! So when I turn 50 in a few short years I can hit the ground running LOL!!

    1. You can start with the one for your age Michelle, then you have 50 to look forward to:)

      Lyn x


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