Well today I learned a new thing, I thought I knew all the internet lingo or at least a good percentage of it, well clearly I didn't, I saw a comment including FOMO and had to do a Twitter shout out to find out what it meant - Fear of missing out !!!

  1. anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website

OMG - missing out on what ?  I am assuming this is a thing relating mainly to bloggers, but could in fact be anyone I guess, what exactly are you missing out on ?   Did a brand or a PR not send you the latest lippie ?  get a grip and buy it if you are that fussed, the other thing you could always do is look at the 99 you probably currently own and ask yourself how many mouths you have to colour ?

Missing out on being invited to an event (bloggers)  OK this one may be a little more difficult to resolve coz you cant just pitch up with your camera yelling  "I am here, where is my goodie bag !! "

If you are invited, then that's lovely, but you do have to consider if you are going because you love the brand or want to support a particular PR company that support you, or are you going simply to be seen ?  if it's the latter why oh why would you waste either your time or money ?  most of us need to travel into London, I for one moved out years ago, is it worth the cost ? probably not, so make sure you are going for the right reasons.   And if you don't get invited, who really cares ?  it will not affect you or your blog, it is not a personal attack, you can't be invited to everything and that's fine,  if you truly feel it's a case of mean girls then step away, nobody wants to compete in a bitch fest, sod em, move on.

Really stop and think why you would have this FOMO thing put it all into perspective and remember a lipstick costs 90p to produce, so are you really missing out LOL

Lyn xxx