Daniel Sandler Sculpt and Slim

Daniel Sandler Sculpt and Slim The Lavender Barn

Contouring, nontouring schmontouring, does it fill you with joy or dread ?

Here's the thing, every single face you see nowadays on the Internet , TV or magazines is all about reshaping and highlighting what God gave you......I am still waiting for the body contouring palette to arrive which would be the size of the yellow pages !

I am not about the attempt to get clever here and tell you I am an expert of such things and how you should be doing it, Oh no; I have had my trial and error periods of leaving the house looking like I had a facial mud bath !  Seeing the rear mirror in the car and being paralysed with shame.  

Daniel Sandler Sculpt and Slim The Lavender Barn

Once again along come Daniel Sandler to the rescue with his fool proof make up, I say fool proof because somehow his range has to me, simplified applying make up to ........here we go with that word again ( mature ) skin, a lot of brands nowadays assume that we all know all there is no know about make up, and that we are all make up artists !   Again this is one of the reasons I love this brand, it is as though he holds your hand all the way through making it far less scary and leaving you really wanting to make the effort.  If you are already a queen of the contour stay with me as this will blow your brushes off !!

Sculpt and Slim is a beautiful stylish two step palette filled with buttery soft finely milled powder that literally glides on, non streaky, non patchy and so simple to use it's almost mistake proof.   A quick suck in of the cheeks gives you your guideline to shape, and a pop of highlight to really give your face a 3D effect, don't believe me ?  then have your hand held all the way through the process by Daniel himself on the this

YouTube Instruction video

You can find Daniel's products on his own Site HERE with free shipping over £15.00 or at Cult Beauty HERE Free shipping Over £50.00 plus free gifts  £24.50 on both sites.

Love n Hugz
Lyn x