Yase Cosmetics Skincare from Poland

Hiya Darlins

Bet this is a new one for you ?  I had never heard of Yase Cosmetics until I was contacted a few months ago to try out some items from their skincare line, I had never heard of this Polish skincare brand and from looking at their website I was curious, firstly I was impressed that I had to wait for the date shown on the site before the products could be shipped to me, odd.....but no, these products are so fresh they are made in small batches, not stored and are sent to you as soon as the fresh batch becomes available, you then store the products in the fridge as they only have a life of 12 weeks. Loving this so far. 

Yase Cosmetics

My parcel arrived in a simple but stylish black and white box, containing the two products of my choice, both  plastic pump dispensers which seems to be the standard for most new products nowadays.

Yase say that the products are free from Silicon, Glycol,crude oil derivatives artificial colours, phthalates, SLS or SLES, artificial perfumes or ethylene oxides and no artificial UV filters.  They also say Organic Vegan and gluten free formula's, although I saw no certification or logo's on either the product or website proving such. 

Yase Cosmetics

The first product on the testing table was Serum + Rohodochrosite  30ml
 A light fresh natural clean slightly minty fragranced serum which absorbs instantly, you really do only need a tiny amount of this emollient serum as a little goes a long way. 

Yase Cosmetics

This was followed by Day Cream + Hematite, 30ml. As you are seeing the company rely heavily on liquid mineral extracts and although not given in percentages are in the top three listed ingredients on their products, so you would assume good quantities.  Once again an easy lightweight cream to use, almost fragrance free, disappears instantly leaving nothing greasy or visible on the skin, just a perfect base for make up, I didn't need a primer after these.

OK, by now you are probably thinking, yep Serum ? Face cream big deal !

Yase Cosmetics

I am blown away by this duo, I can honestly say with hand on heart you can visibly see an improvement in not just the texture of your skin, the fine lines are minimised and you look and feel glowing, I kid you not- I used these for only 2 weeks as I have a list of other products to work through, but Mr LB took over wondering what the fuss was about and OMG you can literally see the difference in his face, he has worked outdoors for almost his whole life and never really taken much care, He is now saying that within 2 weeks of the product finishing he is looking older again LOL. 

 I have to be honest and say that I don't study his face on a regular basis so cannot deny or confirm these claims, but he did look perkier when he was in the midst of the treatment and forced me to look closely :)

In truth I am a little peeved that I let him use it all up, but we will certainly be ordering more for him. The cost for the 2 products was around 120.00 euros 

Yase ship worldwide from Poland from their website www.yasecosmetics.com/

Love n Kisses
Lyn x