Lookfantastic bad service.

Hiya Darlins

here is something I NEVER ever do, but I am so cross I feel the need to rant, having owned my own business I would have been mortified had someone complained about bad customer service, it seems that nowadays no one cares !

Here is my saga  (aka rant.)

I have for a while wanted AlphaH Liquid Gold,  and when they tweeted that Lookfantastic were offering buy one get one free I thought great, one for a blog post that I would keep and one for a giveaway to readers of the blog.

I ordered and paid, July/Aug  ONE bottle was delivered.  I attempted to contact LookFantastic, which was a bloody nightmare, everything is automated with drop down menus and as I had checked out as a guest non of them applied to me, so I used a couple of random generic choices explaining the situation, no reply.  

I waited a week and tweeted asking them to contact me via Twitter, again no reply, I tried again via the website, which was having non of it due to technical problems,  in a last ditch attempt I thought that by contacting via a Paypal claim would wake them up, AGAIN no reply to me or to Paypal.

Once again I tweeted and this time got a response from the help team HURRAY.

Turns out that I apparently should have added 2 to my basket plus a discount code ?   all news to me, Like I say first time user, but clearly a misunderstanding.

So lets say this is ALL MY FAULT.  however.........

Lovely  girls that after a load of back and forth by Twitter DM offered me a 15% discount off my next purchase !!!!  I said I really felt that the customer service or lack of had been terrible and that I wasn't happy with a 15% discount, I was then offered a £5.00 discount..............I don't want a discount, I just want what I had paid for.

It was pointed out to me that they could see my order and SEE that I had only received one item, but apparently nothing could be done.

The last reply :

Hi, I am sorry you feel that way, you only had 1 item on your order and you have received the item you have ordered. 2 items would have needed to be entered into your basket for the offer to apply and for 2 to be sent out. I have offered codes and credit as a gesture of goodwill and I am sorry that you feel this was not enough. If there is anything else I can help with please let me know.

REALLY ? nothing can be done ? are you kidding me ?

Sorry AlphaH  as fab as my one item is, this site has really let you down.

This is not a random keyboard warrior post, I did tell them I would blog my experience, anyone who knows me knows how happy I am to shout about good service, This is NOT good service.

Phew rant over.

Thoughts ?  do we deserve better treatment as customers ?

Lyn x


  1. Hi Lyn, you'd think that the online advert would clearly state to order two and apply a discount code at the time of purchase. It does sound rather silly to assume a customer would know that. Rest assured I won't be shopping with them!


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