Heart Health on World Heart Day

Heart Health on World Heart Day

Hiya lovely

Not sure if you are aware but 29th September is World Heart Day.

And to support this there is a new kid on the block to supplement heart health and aid in lowering cholesterol, Beta Heart by Herbalife is a powder supplement that can be mixed either as a stand alone drink mixed with fruit juice or water, or mixed in with Oats for breakfast, also excellent mixed with protein shakes and smoothies which is my favoured method, there is no taste at all when mixed with shakes, as a stand alone with water the taste is very similar to porridge oats.

One scoop of Beta Heart contains 25 cals, 1.5g oat beta-glucans, 3g high fibre.

The key ingredient  is Oat Beta-Glucan.

This actually is quite pleasant and I must admit shocked me a little, I did try it at first with water, not for me personally, may be better with juice, although in smoothies and protein shakes it really is good, it makes them thick and creamy tasting, it does the same to your morning porridge which has always been known for it's role in supporting good health, as you all know I am 100% into real food but I also believe in adding supplements where possible as I do wonder often, how
 real our *real* food is ?


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