Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard

Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard

Hiya Beautiful

Do you love a bit of bling ?  I first spotted the company Glitter Lips last year at a beauty show and at the time I remember thinking oh that's pretty cool, but with so much to see at the show I didn't give it too much thought.

As you all know by now I am a massive supporter of small business and couldn't wait to see the owners present their pitch to the Dragons on BBC Dragons Den, it was fab but alas the Dragon's failed to give the girls the funding they needed, well maybe that was a good thing, not sure if anyone remembers but Tangle Tease was declined in the den and now imports to 80 countries worldwide and has become a household name, which proves they don't always get it right.

Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard

If I remember, someone commented that the product was more of a novelty with no shelf life !   WRONG women have been doing anything and everything to have sparkly lippie, and we have all bought, shimmer, glitter glosses and even lip cote when they did a sparkle version, so are they saying we will go off having pretty lips ?  ha !

Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard

I have tried out two of the many many shades, my preference is for paler shades of lips, in my youth it would have been give me the loudest colour you make lol.

Diamond in the Buff and Skinny Dip were the ones I tested, both pretty pinky shades.

First you apply what is in effect glue to your lips, don't be scared it is really innocent and easy to use, you then dab the applicator into the glitter pot after damping it ( this helps it pick up more product )  and then you dab away until you have the desired level of bling to suit you, the applicator has a little brush on the end for you to remove any loose glitter and you are then good to go. The feel is not like a lipstick obviously, but I doesn't feel like grit either as you would expect, it just feels different, to be fair it IS different.

HERE'S THE THING when companies tell you something is long lasting it usually means a couple of hours, THIS ain't coming off, you can eat, drink, kiss someones face off, or even snorkel if you are so inclined, this product will not budge until you remove it with make up remover, even then don't think you will get away with a quick facial wipe, it is best removed with an oil based remover.

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Love n bling
Lyn x