Vincent Longo Lush Length Mascara | Everbrow Micro Pencil

Yee Haa, Howdie, Word up,

That was my impersonation of an American greeting :)

And the reason for this frivolity is to introduce straight from the USA the award winning Vincent Longo Brand of Make Up that will be available exclusively in the UK online at Cult Beauty from September.

You would be forgiven for not being blown away by the packaging on these products, but to be honest I have found that some of the very best products don't need to yell at you, and after all you are not buying the overpriced packaging, you are buying the product inside, and what we need to know is does it work ?

Starting with eyes here we have;

Lush Length Mascara

A generous 11ml of product, most mascara's are 7 or 9ml, not that we ever, ever check. The brush is a great size in my opinion small with dense spiral bristles, the formula contains both Argan and Jojoba oil to help grow and condition the lashes. 

I LOVE this, it applies easily, gives a very generous first coat making the lashes look much much longer that they actually are, and it also stays soft throughout the day, so I didn't experience any flaking.  Easily removed with your usual eye make up remover, I would 100% say this is winner. I can't give you the actual retail price at this time but it is available in the US at a very reasonable $24.00 

Eyebrow Micro Pencil

They are not kidding with the term micro, although not in length this is the thinnest pencil I have ever used, the precision is stunning, it comes complete with its own pencil sharpener keeping the pencil sharp allowing you to actually draw on tiny individual hairs, Great lasting power, it stayed until I wanted to remove it.
I have to say the shade I tested was blonde, and quite unlike almost every blonde shade I have ever tried it really was true to it's colour description. 

Again the price point is reasonable in the US $20.00.

Watch this space for more Vincent Longo Products on trial.

Lyn x