SKINN Dimitri James Collagenesis

SKINN Dimitri James  Collagenesis

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This review has taken me a while to get out, purely because SKINN is a totally new brand to me and I wanted to be able to give it a really good trial.

You may or may not have heard of this Californian brand ?  SKINN by Dimitri James  it is a brand with a Story which you can read by clicking the link HERE
The main point I have taken from this company is they are are insistant that the money goes into the inside product, not packaging, high end adverts or shop rents, available on USA TV shopping channels and now available to us Brits on Ideal World TV which can be found online at www.idealworld.TV or on sky 654 plus other TV channels.

I love it when you discover something you would never have tried in a million years and it turns out to be way above your expectations.

SKINN Dimitri James  Collagenesis

First up in this Collagenesis trio is Stem Regen Elite Age-Delay Facial Serum.

A light easily absorbed Serum, that has the most subtle fresh floral fragrance, I am actually pretty blown away at how much I love this serum, the 33ml  pump container should last you a long while as a tiny bit goes a long way with no hanging around waiting it for it to absorb, use morning and night under your usual moisturisers to feel the difference in your skin, if you suffer from dryness at all this is the solution.

SKINN Dimitri James  Collagenesis

Coupled with Collagenesis Eye Stem Rejen Elite, Youth Supporting Eye Serum
Again a beautifully light delicate serum which is fragrance free to treat the delicate eye area, as with any eye cream puffiness will occur if you overdo the application, a tiny weeny drop is all that is needed, recommended as twice a day, I used it at night only as I don't get on with eye creams in the day, this serum literally plumps the fine lines around the eye area, I challenge anyone to do a week on and week off with this serum and just see the difference.

NOW here's the best would expect this quality of product to be expensive, or maybe that's just me, as you all know I don't read brand websites until after I have finished testing as I don't want the product *sold* to me.

I was shocked to discover that these serums come as a pair for £34.99 with free postage !!  no I am not kidding, and you can also pay in 2 instalments if you want to.
This Duo can be found here

SKINN Dimitri James  Collagenesis

Next up we have the big guns !
 Now this cream is some serious shizz,  Collagenisis by Skinn Twenty-Four Hour Youth Preservation Cream Elite

They do like long names !

This thick rich almost waxy feeling cream is pretty flipping good, you would expect it to be greasy and leave a heavy residue, but nope absorbs like a dream, the tiniest sign of fragrance which is so delicate it's almost non detectable, this cream is designed to use alone or over serum, I tried it both ways, and have to say I prefer it over serum, I did however use a liberal dollop as a night cream  with the eye serum and it was gorgeous, it was like sleeping in a face mask, touching your face on waking up is where this cream really comes into it's own, you can feel that it has deep moisturising qualities just by touching your face.

Ah now here's the thing, I couldn't find this as a stand alone product on the site, it comes with other products that I cannot tell you about.  You do get a good selection though for 59.99 again with easy pay interest free payments.

Twenty Four Hour Youth Preservation Cream Elite can be found HERE

Love Lyn x


  1. Hi , thanks for the post, I'm really interested in this brand so your post was good to read. Anything with the collagen word (or similar) hooks me in straight away. Have you tried collagen sweets? I've reviewed them on my blog. Can I follow you on Bloglivin ? 💋

  2. Hiya

    Just visited your blog, love it, must try those sweeties :) thanks for popping by.

    Lyn x

  3. I have been using the preservation cream, eye and lip serums for the past three months and has made such a difference to lines around the mouth, on forehead where elevens' lines totally reduced these. Wouldn't use anything else now.

    1. I hear you on this one :) it was such a surprising pleasure to discover this brand, it really does work :)

      Lyn x


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