Millionaire Hair Mist from JKB Argent

Millionaire Hair Mist from JK Argent

Hiya Darlins

as you know by now I do love a brand with a story and I am a firm believer in supporting start ups (if they are good) 

JKB Argent is indeed one of those brands, the gorgeous Jasbir Braich Or Jas as she is known, produced Millionaire Hair Mist with recipes handed down from her Punjabi family and tweaked with the help of her chemist husband. This beautifully fragrant lightweight hair oil is made with 99% natural organic ingredients and contains only one preservative, as such it has a shelf life of 8 months, although I very much doubt you will hang on to it for that long.

Millionaire Hair Mist from JK Argent

The mist can be used in three ways and although you can indeed notice an immediate effect, Jas refers to it like a healthy diet which works better over a longer period.

I have used this mist in two of the three ways and have to say I am 100% impressed, anyone that uses hair oil knows there is always a danger of ending up looking greasy, and of course this product is no different if you overdo it, you don't need to drench your hair a light misting is all that is needed.

1. It can be applied to damp hair after washing, dry as usual.

2. Apply to dry hair, for a quick perfumed shine that settles frizz.

3. Use as a treatment, wash hair apply oil and wrap in a warm towel for 10 minutes.

There is something quite luxurious about this product, in it's simple classic looking packaging it could be quite easy to overlook, until you open the box and discover what looks like a very expensive perfume in it's glass bottle, with amazing fragrance.

Millionaire Hair Mist from JK Argent

On a side note, I also tried this out on a day when I should really have washed my hair, I was in a rush so thought I would chance it, the result was that my hair actually looked and felt cleaner, certainly good enough to get me through the day.

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Love Lyn  X