Stop Excess Sweating Anhydrol Forte

How to Stop Excess Sweating Anhydrol Forte

Hiya Darlins

I honestly felt I needed to share this discovery with you, it's not a subject I would usually chat about but it's something we all suffer from at times, excess sweating.

Sometimes caused by nerves, the underarm patches you really don't want when walking into an interview or any other stressful situation, sweaty clammy palms, or anyone that suffers from sweaty tootsies.

I have discovered the answer to all your prayers, well actually my daughter discovered it and I pinched a bottle from her to test it out.   OK it did look really scary at first, and no I had never heard of it, but me being me I will try anything once, PLEASE NOTE I AM NOT SELLING THIS PRODUCT TO YOU, THIS IS MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE,YOURS MAY DIFFER.

How to Stop Excess Sweating Anhydrol Forte

This is a link to an article on NetDoctor about the product.

It is a roll on liquid that you use at night for two nights every two nights until you completely and utterly stop sweating !  YUP true, I used this for the first two nights and didn't use regular deodorant for the following two days and no sweat, again I used it on the two day cycle, I was then able to go 5 days without deodorant at all, no damp, no smell, nothing !!

This stuff stings, not an unbearable sting, but you can feel it, the first night I found it really uncomfortable, second night not so bad, please note, my daughter got a horrible rash on day two of using this which made her give it a break for a week or so, upon starting again she was fine, but please be warned this is no fancy flowery product, it is serious shizz, I have not used it on my hands or feet as I have no need to, but even on the hottest days so far I have not needed any deodorant at all, even with going to the gym daily.

I am now on the tail end of using this roll on, as once you experience sucess it is recommended you stop until you need it again, I have now been two weeks deodorant free, and still over the moon with this product.

Hope this may have helped someone, please note I take no responsibility for your use of this product.

Lyn x


  1. Truly the best blog I never got such information before this thanks. Gary Anderson


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