Vichy Neovadiol Eye & Lip Contours

Vichy Neovadiol Eye & Lip Contours for menopausal skin

Hiya Darlins

As you know I have spoken before about products for us Menopausal gals, who even knew that that were any ?  You don't need me to tell you the changes our hormones play on our skin, euughhh

The Scientists at The Vichy Labs have really got this issue nailed with the introduction of ranges specifically designed for us ( forgive me if you are reading this and are no where near having *Tropical Moments * )  I have reviewed the Neovadiol Range previously and you can read about it here and here, this time I have reviewed a double trouble product Vichy Neovadiol Gf Eye and Lip Contours

Vichy Neovadiol Eye & Lip Contours for menopausal skin

I say double trouble as it deals with not just one, but two problem areas, Eyes and Lips !!

Both of these areas are notorious for showing signs of age and really do need addressing in their own right.  And I am pleased to report this little wonder tube does just that, a light almost invisible cream that is a joy to apply with the smoothing and cooling applicator tip, I love this it feels very (salon)

Vichy Neovadiol Eye & Lip Contours for menopausal skin

Literally the smallest amount smoothed in tiny circular motions from the inner to outer corners of the eye produce a non greasy surface that instantly looks plumper and more hydrated, I used this both morning and night, I must admit to being really wary of any product around my eyes at night as I tend to wake up looking puffy eyed as though I have spent the night sobbing broken hearted !  not so with this cream :)

On the Lip area you apply to the contours of the upper lip again in small circular motions and it it really does feel as though you are ironing out the lines, and under the bottom lip, sweeping motions from side to side, it absorbs almost instantly so is perfect for under your daily moisturiser and make up.

At £23.00 I think it is fabulous value as you would expect to pay that and more for an eye cream alone.

Should you want to give it a try click here Vichy Neovadiol Gf Eye and Lip Contours

Love n Hugz
Lyn x