My Vanishing Act

Hello Gorgeous

I wanted to write this post to explain my virtual vanishing act from all things internet, I have popped on and off my social media really just to support and share other peoples work, as I have myself been very lacking in producing my blog posts and for that I apologise from the bottom of my heart.

Things here have been a little bit hectic of late, how dare real life get in the way of my blogging !  Although I do blog full time and have the *luxury* of being home full time, it is due to illness that I never talk about and sometimes it just gets in the way, I am lucky in that I don't need to earn a full time living from blogging so do have the luxury of no pressure being placed on me to produce posts, although as a workaholic I put enormous pressure on myself to write, firstly as I enjoy it, and secondly I feel that if something has been sent to me that is good and needs sharing I have a duty to the brand and or PR to get it out there, plus I get pretty excited when I love something so feel the need to share.

Lot's of things have been going on with us of later, some good and some bad, BUT nothing to stop me getting back to my passion, so be prepared to be bored of my twittering and rambling as it coming soon.

Thank you so much for your support, and a huge thanks to all of you that have written asking if I am OK :)    Huge cyber hugz to all.

Lyn x