Mary Kay Into The Garden Pedicure Set

Mary Kay Into The Garden Pedicure Set

Hiya Darlins

I don't know about you, but the first time you drag your sandals out can sometimes be a bit of shock seeing your tootsies up close and personal, dry skin and cracked heels, not a good look by any stretch of the imagination.

I have recently discovered the solution in a rather snazzy mesh bag from Mary Kay, This great little pack delivers everything you need to treat your feet.

Mary Kay Into The Garden Pedicure Set

A pack of 10 Foot Fizzes ( bath bombs for feet )

Emery board

Two sets of toe separators

And the amazing 85g Into The Garden exfoliating foot scrub.

Mary Kay Into The Garden Pedicure Set

Having soaked my poor feet for a good 20 mins in warm water with a foot fizzie, I then dried them off and massaged with the creamy exfoliating foot scrub, I actually left this on for 10 mins before soaking again to rinse off with another foot fizzie, the result was beautifully soft refreshed tootsies, I am not saying this will rid you of really bad hard skin areas but it definitely improves them, and am convinced with regular use could actually keep it at bay.

Toe nails were duly painted using the separators to complete the home Pedi  treatment. 

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Love Lyn x