Lavera SPF30 Sun Cream | Lavera After Sun Lotion

Lavera SPF30 Sun Cream  |  Lavera After Sun Lotion

Hello Sun Lover :)

Well, we have had a couple of hot days here in the UK, one of them being the hottest day of the year so far.
We are a funny bunch us Brits, we spend all year lusting after pictures of sunny climes, blazing hot beaches and anything summer related, moaning about our rubbish weather, and when the sun eventually shows it's face we are all melting with frizzed hair and wet patches, unlike the glamorous Europeans who can totally rock the weather we just wander around fanning ourselves and moaning that it's too hot, and we are not used to it, it has come without warning etc etc. ha ha 

I think as a nation we love the sun, it just doesn't feel the same about us, knowing we will turn a fluorescent shade of pink we are unprepared and it gets us every time.

Having been lucky enough to go away once this year and with a holiday booked for September I have been desperately trying out various brands of Sun Care and was sent Lavera SPF30 along with Lavera After Sun Lotion to try out.   I chose our hottest day so far to give it a test.  Mr LB had a day off and we headed to the lake so that he could fish and I could sunbathe, the test began before leaving the house.

Lavera SPF30 Sun Cream  |  Lavera After Sun Lotion

I applied the SPF30 Sun Cream to my fair freckled skin, it is incredibly thick and white, it took an age to apply as it won't completely rub in and go invisible, but off we went, I spent no less than 8 hours in full sunshine that day and didn't see a spot of pink, when I showered on returning home it didn't even want to come off easily in the shower with soap ! did I get colour ?  yes a little, nothing like I would have expected from 8 hours full sun. feelings with this product are really mixed, as a brand I love Lavera and have written about them previously Here this company is sheer goodness and really should be more available in the UK.  This SPF is sheer perfection if you need full cover, love to spend time in the water and want something you really don't have to re apply all day, I would imagine it is ideal for children, and fabulous for winter sports holidays, for me ? a little too much protection to use on a beach holiday but I am a wrongun and do like to get lots of colour :)
so if you are a sensible person unlike me, this is 100% perfect for full sun protection.

Lavera SPF30 Sun Cream  |  Lavera After Sun Lotion

 After our day at the lake and using the Lavera SPF30 I didn't need to use any aftersun, although I have tried it out with other products that didn't give much protection and also on a day I stupidly got my shoulders caught with nothing on,  I would buy this again for sure, it is fabulous, it has a light texture than is immediately absorbed allowing you to dress quickly, it has a fresh almost herbal fragrance, and totally gave 24 hour moisturisation, it has an incredibly cooling effect on my sore bits * hangs head in shame* a definite winner in the after sun stakes, and being 100% Vegan perfect for those seeking purer skincare.

Both of these products are incredibly well priced as is all of the Lavera Range. 

Find Lavera SPF30 Here 

Love n Sunshine
Lyn x