Lavera Face Self Tanning Cream

Lavera Face Self Tanning Cream
Hiya Sweet cheeks

This weather is totally letting us down on the sunshine front, plus it's never a good thing to cook your own face :)

I have to be honest and say that I have been a total failure with trying to apply self tan to my face and tend to rely on bronzers for a bit of a healthy glow, I was delighted to discover that Lavera a company that I have had a fantastic experience of previously read here  had introduced a facial self tan.

I was obviously a little dubious with my previous tanning errors, but in the interests of being a nosey mare I gave it a go.  100% better than expected, it was even, no streaks and actually gave a seriously good healthy glow without the whole tango look, impressive !

Lavera Face Self Tanning Cream


It didn't come with any major instructions or developing time, it just said to avoid brows and hairline and to wash your hands after using.

I applied it in the morning to clean dry skin, I wanted to use it on a day when I was at home so I could keep an eye on it developing.  After keep looking in the mirror I kind of forgot about it and carried on my day, I caught a glimpse of my face in the bathroom after a couple of hours and had to do a double take, it was looking lovely, well I decided not to wash it off and really go for it on the developing front, and it didn't get any darker after the next couple of hours so I decided to rinse it off with plain warm water.

I think I would prefer to do it in the day where possible in case I ended up wiping it off onto the pillow at night.

I would definitely put this down as a keeper, it was lovely to have a healthy natural glow knowing I hadn't damaged my skin in the sun and hadn't ended up looking like a Satsuma, win win.

Have you had any self tan experiences you are brave enough to share ?

Love Lyn x