DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack

DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack

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If you are a regular reader of my little corner of the interweb you will already know my love of the Japanese brand DHC I have written about them many times before, just hit the search bar.

This time it is to bring you a brand new to the market product  the DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack, which is basically a pack containing fabulous soft cotton feel eye masks that are packed into pairs in a peel off type system which retains all the serum filled moisture to each set, all held in a clear plastic container for hygiene. 

DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack

As always with DHC the use of Olive fruit oil is included along with Hyaluronic acid and Elastin to support skin Collagen, at first I found these a little fiddly to apply mainly because I didn't read the instructions and was trying to put them on upside down !   Once applied the correct way up they are really easy to position as the moisture content allows them to slide into place, once in place they simply stay put, leave for 10 minutes, remove and gently massage in any excess cream.

Move over Zorro !!

You are advised to use these once or twice a week, although I don't think you will look in the mirror and see 12 year old eyes looking back at you, what you do get is a really relaxing treatment, which softens fine lines by plumping the skin with moisture, so I would say to do this a couple of times a week would definitely feel as though you were treating the eye area to a moisture boost.

Do you mask ? let me know.

Lyn x