Crystal Dream from ECI Healthcare

Crystal Dream  from ECI Healthcare

Ever have trouble sleeping ?  How annoying is lying awake looking at the clock ?  the night just seems to go on forever, I hate it.

I was offered a trial of Crystal Dream, which I was happy to do as it is 100% free from pharmaceuticals and hormones, so will not leave you feeling drowsy or hung over in the morning.

To be fair Mr LB suffers more than me with sleep problems, so obviously when he wakes up telling me he had a bad night all I can answer with is *I Know ! *  so we both took the 2 little pills half an hour before bed for a month.

Crystal Dream  from ECI Healthcare

At first I waited for something to happen, dumb because it tells you it wont actually put you to sleep, what it does do is give you the most still restful night ever, we both on numerous occasions asked each other if we remembered dreaming, or anything from the night at all, and the answer was always an amusing no, really odd but really flippin fabulous,  Himself decided on the odd night to go without them to see if it made any difference, and It most certainly did, in fact to both of us, as him throwing himself around the bed like a windmill didn't do my sleep much good either !

I can't tell you how these work, but I can tell you they most certainly do, and we will most definitely be buying these, purely for Mr LB's own safety and the benefit of our relationship :)

These are available directly from ECI Healthcare Ireland 

Love and snoozes
Lyn x