What About Fit Shaming ?

Hi My Darlins
I was thinking this morning about the subject of Fat shaming, we all know about it, it's widespread in the media and women are now turning the tables and say stuff you, this is how I want to live and I will not be shamed into having the body society thinks I should have, so in these terms we have done well as women and are becoming more confident and happier with our bodies.........................This brings me to a whole new topic, is it that because women are gaining confidence and fat shaming isn't having such an effect, "The Media" are now attempting to get us all FIT SHAMED ?

Every single magazine on the shelf now has titles like "I Lost 20lb in 20 minutes"  celebs are producing fitness dvd's at a rate that would have made Jane Fonda green with envy, Instagram really is the best one, hour after hour we see women sporting the latest gym gear, or contorting their aged bodies into knot like Yoga poses, it really is everywhere and is quite frankly beginning to get on my wick.

I have spent almost my entire adult life on a diet of some sort, you name it, no matter how bizarre I have tried it, and if I am honest still do !  at 59 I am still looking for an instagram body..........it ain't happening, I am too lazy for a start, we all know what we should be doing, my lord we have enough visual information thrown at us every 2 seconds, as I am writing this I am wondering if it is coming across as negative and lazy ? that is not my intention, and if you lead a life of healthy eating and fitness, girl I admire and envy you, I used to rush to the gym 7 days a week, cancel social plans for classes, but until someone comes up with a magic motivation pill, I am personally stuck in a fit shaming, guilt ridden hole, where I will sit complaining, that I am tired, there are not enough hours in the day etc etc.  All of which are BS excuses, as I have the same amount of hours as every fitness bunny out there, I have more fitness equipment and dvd's in my house than any gym, again they sit there gathering dust fit shaming me, every time I look at them. And me feeling like a lesser person because I don't pound the streets in the latest Lycra get up.

I try, honest I do, I have days where I can be seen flailing around the lounge trying to keep up with a smiling snake telling me "good job" "keep it up" while I lay panting and sweating in a heap on the carpet. (witch) 

Gawd I am rambling, my head is scrabbling for a solution and I can't find one, unless I move into a cave with no communication with the outside world, I think I will spend my life being shamed by something or another, time to dust of the fitness ball that sits on top of my wardrobe mocking me every morning when I wake.

Love and hugs
Lyn x


  1. I don't fully blame the media, they're just a part of the problem, we're partly to blame too for buying the BS! You've hit the nail on the head though there will always be something shaming going on - it's a way of (trying to) controlling us. Good old walking and boogeying can keep you just as fit as gym bunny hood :)

  2. You are so right my lovely Lyn, guilt comes with being female LOL

    Lyn x


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