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How many times do you constantly hear a name of a company and not give it a second thought ? today we are guilty of that sin quite often and then as in the case of BHS lately we all say "Oh that's really sad "  and it is sad, sadly it's a sign of the times, we want newer, shiner, trendier things and forget that if a company has been selling its products without screaming and shouting there really must be something pretty special about it to have lasted in these times.

Weleda Skin Food | The Lavender Barn Blog

Weleda are celebrating 90 years this year.........yep 90 years, established in 1921 they first introduced Skin Food to the market in 1926 and to this day has remained a firm favourite of many celebs including Victoria Beckham, Adele, Joss Stone and Julia Roberts to name but a few.   I remains a behind the scenes must have at London Fashion Week as it is so popular with models as an instant skin saviour.   I have trialled a product from Weleda previously HERE and loved it, so was delighted to be sent this Green tube of goodness to try out.

Weleda Skin Food | The Lavender Barn Blog
When I say Green tube, I don't just mean the colour, even the tube is recyclable, everything in this product is pure and natural, the company pride itself on not only being good for the skin but also good for your wellbeing, this deep penetrating cream contains Organic plant extracts, fine plant oils and waxes, and the fragrances come from the plants themselves so there is no need for preservatives or parabens. It has an incredibly uplifting fragrance that has the ability to make you want to breathe it in deeply.

Designed to be used on the face and body to heal and sooth very dry skin this rich creamy balm is totally like giving your skin a huge drink, dry skin loves it, I did try it out on my face and found it to heavy for my normal skin, although I would 100% use it at night as a soother. the skin on my body though literally drank it up, I have been left very dry from a little too much sun on holiday, and coming home forgetting to moisturise often enough, ( naughty) 

If your skin is in need of a massive drink, try this out available in 3 sizes and at just 9.99 for 75ml it wont break the bank.

Available Here at Holland and Barrett

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