Regime London Coconut Quench

Hiya Beautiful Peach Pop

As you know I am firm believer in supplements, and am firmly of the belief that regardless of what you put on your skin you cannot compensate for a bad diet and unhealthy lifestyle, Ohhhhhhh that sounded really pompous and it is not meant to be, I am partial to a curry occasionally and the odd glass/bucket of Prossecco, but by and large I do TRY to be good, especially when it comes to hydration, but I do struggle with the 2-4 litres of water we are supposed to gulp down on a daily basis, and as for all the trips to the loo, well don't get me started on how annoying that is !

But there is no doubt at all that you can truly spot well hydrated skin,  Drum roll...........Regime London Coconut Quench.   Is it a gimmick ?  at 19.99 for 30 days you would hope not.

I have taken these capsules now for a month, one a day with a full glass of water, each pill contains the equivalent to 4000mg of Coconut Water and 240mg  Hyaluronic acid, both of these are serious Buzz words at the moment in terms of beauty.  The virtues of all things Coconut have been around for a while now, and I doubt there is a home in the UK that has not tried a Coconut product in one form or the other, I have to be honest and say that Coconut water is an acquired taste, I think it's a Marmite thing, Love it or Hate it.

With these pills you can get your daily dose of nut goodness without the taste, and we all know the virtues of Hyaluronic acid when it comes to plumping skin cells.

Dry skin and dehydrated skin are two very different things, dehydration comes from the inside so a supplement to me makes sense.  And these were good, I know when my skin is lacking it's inner moisture from the dark under eye look, and I have to say these really did improve that sallow grey look, I would never dream of saying that you should replace H20 with pills, but It certainly doesn't hurt to give it a helping hand along the way, they also take away the guilt if you haven't quite managed to get your daily quota in.

Available exclusively at Superdrug Here.  

Love n Hugs
Lyn x