Imedeen Prime Renewal

Imedeen Prime Renewal consultation

Hiya Darlins

This is just going to be a quick post as I wanted to let you into what happened with me today, I was recently contacted and asked if I would be interested in trying out Imedeen Prime Renewal which is specifically designed for women 50+ well as I fall into that category with a few more +++ I was delighted to give it a go.

Imedeen Prime Renewal

Before I started the 3 month course I needed my Collagen levels assessed and was visited at home by the lovely Emma, which took the form of a scan on my arm, the same sort of scan you would have on a baby bump, we wont discuss Emma's fantastic slim figure, I was tempted to feed her cake just to make myself feel better :)  Emma herself started out as a loyal customer of Imedeen way before joining the company.

Imedeen Prime Renewal scan result

Imedeen Prime Renewal

Should you be interested in starting a course of these 4 daily supplements I would recommend finding a Boots near to you where you can have a complete consultation and a Collagen scan with an Imedeen consultant, that way you can see at the end of your 3 months, visible results.   I am personally hoping to see an improvement in the moisture levels of my body skin, I suffer with very dry legs and Emma assured me I would see a difference.

One other thing that I really feel the need to share, and I really hope she won't mind me mentioning this, But Emma had the most gorgeous upper arms, you ladies of a certain age will know what I mean by the "arm thing "  no signs of this on Emma's arms, I couldn't help but stare and even mention how great they look, I think it's too easy to always focus on our faces, but tell tale signs of ageing appear in more than one place as we all know :)

Anyway, I will end here and return to this subject in 12 weeks, and we will see !!

Love n Hugs

Lyn x