Fashion Gone Mad

Hiya Beautiful

Right I don't know if this is me just being an old woman, or not being trendy or not seeing the big picture when it comes to fashion but I have to say I almost had a Tenna  moment when I saw these !

I can only think of these sandals in terms of

 1.  Horrible walking type shoes, the kind weirdos would wear with socks and a kagool while they stop off at a village pub and drink real ale.

2. A small child running at full speed around a supermarket, getting his Disney trainers to light up.

Either way, would you want that to be you ?  would you want to pay hundreds of pounds to wear really UGLY sandals ?  

I love Chanel, the history, the elegance and glamour that is associated with this aspirational brand, but THESE ? really, was someone sat there thinking lets see how far we can get people to go in the name of fashion LOL  

 I will be the first to admit, I am not a trend setter, it takes me a while to fall in to current trends, I was that woman that mocked UGGS for being hideous and ugly when I first spotted celebs wearing them in the glossy mags, only 12 months later to end up with no less that 4 pairs. plus a couple of pairs of slippers !  So here's the thing, will I in 12 months time be sat outside a country pub, wiping the mud off my light up sandals wondering why I failed to see the virtue in them when they first flopped down the Paris runway ?

NO a million times NO, the are fugly, I know fashion should be fun, but I don't want people laughing at my feet while I do the weekly food shop.   Sorry Chanel this season my purse will remain firmly closed.

Give me your thoughts, I would love to know if I am missing something here.

Love n Hugs
Lyn x