DHC Skincare Foaming Mesh

DHC Skincare Foaming Mesh

Hello to you :)

Looking at this mesh you would be forgiven for first thinking, Ballet Tutu ? Jellyfish ?  or is that just me, I must admit to having a little grin when I first saw it :)

DHC Skincare Foaming Mesh

Don't be fooled by this innocent looking mesh, it can save you a fortune in cleansers !  How you may ask ?  before you start to think I have totally lost the plot, you can watch a video here www.dhcuk.co.uk Foaming Mesh

You would be forgiven for thinking you actually use the mesh on your face, NO it is a simple device to make a large amount of foam out of a tiny amount of product, you simply add a drop of your face wash to the centre of the wet mesh, rub between your hands, holding the plastic loop, pull the mesh through your hands, leaving you with a huge amount of foam to wash your face.

I tried it with the DHC Face Wash and need the tiniest amount.

At £2.00 I would imagine this little gizmo would pay for itself in a very short space of time, if you use soap type cleansers. Different ? Yes, and as always DHC the Japanese skincare company bring us something new that we have not seen before.

 www.dhcuk.co.uk Foaming Mesh


£2.00 well spent ? watch the video and see what you think.

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