DHC Olive Oil Cotton Swabs

DHC Olive Oil Cotton Swabs


Swab or Cotton Bud ? you decide.

These Japanese swabs from DHC are just simply genius, I did smile at the package wording, Olive Virgin Oil :)  nonetheless they are brilliant, 50 100% cotton buds pre soaked in Virgin Olive Oil each one wrapped individually for both Hygiene and ease of carrying, these little sticks of cotton wonderment are perfect, if like me you are prone to eye make up errors. 

They are also gentle enough to use on babies, can be used to moisturise cuticles without dripping oil mess. and should you wish can be used on nose and ears !  we won't go there, and I most certainly will not be doing a selfie demonstrating the usage :)

DHC Olive Oil Cotton Swabs

I love DHC for bringing the best of Japanese skin care direct to the UK, regular readers will know that I feature them quite often, and can be found Here and other posts by using the search bar.

The thing with these, is once you try them you wonder how you lived without them, clever clever :)

DHC Cotton Swabs Available Here www.dhcuk.co.uk

Love n Hugs
Lyn x


  1. I love the sound of these, the only pre filled ones I've tried is the M & S ones which are pretty good X

    1. Ohhhh thanks for the heads up, I didn't know that M&S sold them, will need to check those out :)

      Lyn x


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