Bodhi & Birch Botanic Dew Hand and Body Wash

Bodhi & Birch  Botanic Dew Hand and Body Wash

Hiya Darlins

My love for Bodhi & Birch as a brand is no secret to any of you, and I get just a little bit excited when I hear that something new is about to be launched, I have visions of the founder Elijah Choo mixing and making potions like a mad herbal scientist in his aroma filled lab.

Bodhi & Birch  Botanic Dew Hand and Body Wash

My wait for this new blend did not disappoint, and Botanic Dew Hand & Body Wash arrived ready to be sampled. *jumps in shower* in the middle of the afternoon !  Oh my, the fragrance just hits you, it's an English Summer Garden but not in the overpowering floral way you would expect,  flower essence, fruit oils and mint, fuse together to bring the freshest most calming fragrance ever, again from this beautiful brand it is a fragrance that makes you breathe really deeply and close your eyes for a moment or two just to enjoy the soothing sensation that these blends bring you.

Bodhi & Birch  Botanic Dew Hand and Body Wash

This Purifying Hand & Body Wash gently lathers and will in no way irritate like some soap products, it leaves your skin feeling soft and soothed, with no tightness, yes I have been known to stand sniffing my own arm after using this wash, well why wouldn't you :)

The 200ml pump dispenser is available at

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  1. Lovely post! I could almost smell it from your vibrant description x


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