Aldi Lacura Thermal Spring Eye Care

Aldi Lacura Thermal Spring Eye Care

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Phew how hot ?  apparently we are in the throws of a tropical storm called Colin............ Sling your hook Colin, I cant cope with this heat !

As promised in my recent Thermal Springs review which you can read HERE I have reviewed the Eye Care/Cream, aimed specifically for sensitive skins this lightweight eye cream contains Shea Butter and Hyaluron ( good ingredients )  although I don't know in what quantities as they are quite far down the list.

Aldi Lacura Thermal Spring Eye Care

Does it do what it says ?  well yes, as all it claims to do is moisturise the thin skin around the eye area, and MAY reduce the appearance of fine lines, and will leave your skin feeling soft and restored .  Tick Tick Tick all of those boxes, I love the fact that there are no BS promises there, no huge claims that could possibly leave you disappointed, it is a good eye cream that is lightweight easy to apply and will soften the skin on the eye area.   I have used it for a few nights, and not once woken with puffy eyes, which I often get with eye creams, I tend not to use eye cream during the day as I find it encourages mascara to be naughty.

At under £2.00 once again a winner in my book for Aldi.

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