A Glossary of Beauty Language

Hiya Gorgeous

now I don't know about you, but a lot of things go over my head nowadays, if you are a gorgeous 20 something, you can skip this post as you will already know everything I am about to say, in fact a lot of you will, BUT there is a portion of us *mature* babes that don't, in truth I couldn't even tell you what's in the charts now :) and do they even have charts still ?

I digress, there are an awful lot of terms that are used to describe make up techniques, beauty products and trends that are just alien to a lot of us, here I want to break it down a bit, and as you all know by now I don't take life too seriously, so please do fall on the floor laughing at most of it :)

BB Cream= Blemish balm, a tinted moisturises with added skincare benifits.

CC Cream= Colour Correcting cream, self explanitory really, addresses and colour issues, ie; sallow skin.

DD Cream= Daily Defense cream  combine both the benifits of BB & CC lol I know, but we are not there yet !

EE Cream= Even effect cream, acts as an almost full face concealer, so would a blanket over the head :) but who am I to argue ?

Stripping=Removing all clothes in a seductive manor, NOT really it is a new trend of applying bronzer in an almost stripe accross your cheeks and nose, to look like a sun strip.

Double Cleanse=First cleanse removes make up and grime, second cleanse prepares skin to absorb your facial products.

Y - Zone= the area from your Jaw to your collarbone, a negleted area, which is prone to wrinkles as we spend so much of our day looking down on puters and phones. 

Baking=NO not a Mary Berry lesson. It was first made famous by drag queens, who really know a thing or two about make up, Foundation first using concealer under eyes in an upside down triangle, forehead, nose and chin,  blend edges and then dust over with loose powder all to set ( Bake) for ten miniutes before dusting off any loose powder. This is NOT a daytime look, it is more for photography or the stage, Talking of stage next up is...........

Clown Contouring= Basically painting your face like a clown and blending like crazy, I am not going into the technique as it's just plain daft.

Strobing=Basically highlighting, creating shadows and lightening dark areas using highlighter, either cream or powder, DON'T over do this one, I have left the house resembling baco foil in the past, not a good look !

K Beauty=The Korean infuence on the beauty scene currently.

Cut Crease= applying a very sharp line to the socket area of the eye with eye shadow, to create a lifted look, this is HARD, especially if you have a hooded lid, best avaoided, but if you want to be brave there are you tube vids for cut crease with hooded eyes. see a video out there to solve every problem :)

Multi-Masking= pretty self explanitory, a trend for using different face masks on different areas of the face.

And finally the one that is way way beyond even my sense of humour.

Red Lipstick Concealer=Using red lipstick under eyes to neautralise colour, seriously ?  no ordinary woman should even attempt this, leave it to the make up artists, these girls and boys know their shizz.

I promise you by the time I publish this post there will be new terms that we need to learn, or do we ?

In my day a cut crease was a socket line, and Twiggy was the queen of the socket line,  but then I am old.

I give you my express permission to forget everything written here, and do your own thang, it's your face, do what you want with it not what fashion dictates, aint nobody got time for that :)

Love n Hugz
Lyn xx

Thanks to Elle Magazine