UFIT PRO50 Supersize Protein Shake

UFIT PRO50 Protein Shake

Hiya Darlins 
As you will have have read in my previous post I am a bit of a fan of UFIT protein drinks, not that I am a hench muscle ripped bodybuilder but I do believe in adding supplements to our daily diet especially when doing any kind of fitness, Mr LB takes protein a couple of times a day, has an extremely physical job and also like to throw around metal weights for fun, I on the other hand don't take as much as don't climb trees for a living but I am not a huge meat eater to like to keep protein levels topped up.

The thing with UFIT PRO50 is that it's supplying you with a whopping  50 grams of protein in a rather lovely 500ml shake, the clever bottles do not need refrigeration, will always stay cool and the screw cap means that you don't have to drink it all in one go, I tend to use protein often as a meal replacement at 336 cals per bottle this would be pushing it a bit for me, so I tend to have half for breakfast and the rest for lunch  although "him indoors" could quite happily do 2-3 of these a day. 
It comes in both Chocolate and Strawberry, and they are so delicious it's hard to believe they are healthy.

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Love n Hugz
Lyn x

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