Nutribuddy Weight Loss Starter Kit

Nutribuddy  Weight Loss Starter Kit

Hiya Darlins
First let me start by saying I am a naughty naughty blogger, I have actually used these products up without photographs, well I did take photo's when they first arrived, but typically now I can't find them :(
However, I did use the products lol.
Nutribuddy very kindly sent me the Weight Loss starter kits to try out, this consisted of a shaker bottle, Protein Powder, hunger fix pills, and multi vitamins.
Starting with the
Nutribuddy  Weight Loss Starter Kit

 Sculpting Whey Weight Loss Shake and Shaker bottle Mr LB and I both use protein powder daily, so are pretty flippin fussy when it comes to taste and mixabilaty....don't even think that's a word but it will do.
There was a issue with this first batch of shakers which the company kindly informed me of, and they have since rectified, the neck was too small for the size of their scoop, but hey ho, a tiny issue. the bottle itself is attractive, with a spiral ball mixer, it does a great job of mixing and the lid is brilliantly secure, we had mixed views on the bottle, I didn't like the fact that the handle was fabric, so constantly soggy from washing, it isn't removable, Mr LB thought I was being a fussy mare and loved the handle, so there you go!  he is probably right about me being fussy as a mixer it worked perfectly :)
Nutribuddy  Weight Loss Starter Kit

The powder is beautifully fine and soft so mixes really easily, we tried Vanilla which was nice, the plus with this powder was that is wasn't overly synthetic tasting, and it was really filling, he used it for gym, I used it as a meal replacement. No heartburn or bloating with this product with only 115 cals per serving it was brilliant.
Nutribuddy  Weight Loss Starter Kit

Next Up were the Hunger Fix Pills, I tried these for a couple of weeks, and to be honest they did work in that they do stop you snacking between meals they contain Glucomannan which is a totally natural product which also aids the reduction in fat absorption.
Multivitamin Pills, these were a high quality containing everything you would hope for and your perfect one a day dose of everything you need,  no indigestion or heartburn with these like you can get with some multi vits, it is impossible for me to report if these work, but we were more than happy with them. 

Love n Hugz
Lyn x

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