Make up Brush Cleaning Tool Brushegg

Make up Brush Cleaning Tool Brushegg

Hiya Darlins

You all know by now that I do love a bargain, and can often be found scouring the pound shop for something I simply can't live without because it was a bargain know what I mean, a bit like the bargains we can't live without on a trip to Ikea !!!

Make up Brush Cleaning Tool Brushegg

Well this time I do believe that I have found the bargain of the century, and it's available to everyone, not just those lucky enough to have a Poundland locally, this little beauty is 50p  yes, you read it right a silicon brush cleaner for 50 shiny new pennies.  The cheapest I have seen these in the shops was £5.99 which is a bargain, but not a 50p bargain lol.

I was sceptical about these Silicone cleaners and to be honest didn't really see the point, but at 50p I thought I would give it a go, well !!! pretty flipping good I must admit, I am by no means saying you can't live without one, but really did do a good job at that weekly boring chore.

Link here to find this and tons of other beauty bargains,

Love n Hugz
Lyn x

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