Keeping It Real

Hiya gorgeous darlin reader,

Thanks for stopping by, I don't honestly know what made me think of it, but having spent the usual hours looking at blogs and pictures on Instagram it suddenly occurred to me how lucky I am not to be 20 something, in these day's of anti ageing products, botox and fillers, I'm not saying  "mature" ladies don't want to look good for their age, and my generation is probably the luckiest yet, as the age barriers are certainly slowly but surely coming down, it's taking time, but we appreciate the beautiful older models, and revel in the fact that we can wear whatever we want, seriously, even if you look like a total crank someone will say, oh she is fabulous for her age, so quirky.

We have more disposable income now our nests are empty and we really don't lust after things the way we used to,  I honestly remember once not being able to sleep in case Ravel had sold out of a certain shoe in my size before payday, now I'm like who flippin cares, oh look Urban Decay have a new palette out, Twitter is freaking out over it, girls are waiting to get paid to own it, ......................seriously ? we don't care :)  I don't ever recall staring at someones eyelids and saying, OMG you are wearing the latest fairy dust unicorn prancer dancer palette, that changes into 18k gold at the sound of the clock striking 12.

 Life is easier now there is less pressure to keep up, what is that saying ?  " Too many people spend too much money trying to impress people they don't even like " tiz true, you have people buying bloody ornaments just for instagram or blog photo's, people using filters to soft focus not only their faces but also their lives, which of course have to be themed for pictures, just because that's what everyone else does, the world has gone fake barmy, stop and ask yourself...............who really cares ? 

 Let this old bird tell you, NO ONE, life is way too short to worry about impressing anyone, unless it's your boss, coz after all you need to keep that job baby girl to pay for the next pallet.

Love n Hugz

Lyn x