Dr Renaud Iris Anti Ageing Kit

Dr Renaud Iris Anti Ageing Kit

Hiya Darlins,

First let me say as always, nothing will stop you ageing, you can slow it down, you can look great for your age, but unless you go for surgery or fillers, but my personal opinion is they are the only ways to turn the clock back, what you can do is use good skincare and begin to see a vast improvement in a very short time, especially if you are a bit hit and miss with your skincare routine.

Dr Renaud have cleverly devised these little kits at such a low price £9.00 that allow you to trial the brand in the absolute faith that you will return for the full sized products, to me that shows a huge sign of confidence in their products and the results they provide.  I sampled the Iris Anti-Ageing Kit  which contained 20ml Iris Lift Mask, this is a super rich creamy mask that you apply and leave for 10 minutes and rinsing off with warm water,  what I do need to mention about all three of these products its the gorgeous feminine fragrance, not overly sneezy type perfume, but a really light fresh floral scent, this mask left my skin feeling soft and hydrated and I have to say was a joy to use, breathing in the scent while chilling out for ten minutes, was pretty relaxing.

Dr Renaud Iris Anti Ageing Kit

Next up I applied the Iris Lift Radiance Serum, this absorbed well and again had the matching fragrance making it a pleasure to apply, this was followed with the Iris Firming Lift Cream a rich soothing moisturiser that absorbed well leaving a tiny film of moisture on the skin, and again with the matching fragrance.

Now I have to be honest, the little package arrived and I wasn't particularly impressed, lovely packaging, but I have a hatred of sample sizes, I often don't bother with them because I don't think they can give you enough product to full test, this little kit was an absolute pleasure and had me checking out further products from the brand.

If you fancy a little trial £9.00 it an absolute bargain, and also these would be perfect for a weekend away to pop in your bag.

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Love n Hugz
Lyn x

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