Best Charity Fundraising Idea Ever

Hiya Darlins

Yesterday I attended a fundraiser for a Kent hospice Charity, the reason |I wanted to write this post wasn't to show off the amazing bargains I managed to pick up but as a way of sharing what I thought was an absolutely brilliant way of raising funds for a charity. 

The fundraiser was held in a village hall and basically was a designer sale, of brand new and unworn designer clothing, bags, shoes and accessories, they also had a couple of beauty stands doing nails and nail art.
The clothes where dramatically reduced and a fraction of the retail cost. It seriously was the best fun.

The concept was so simple it was genius. local women who want to sell their unworn designer items buy a label from the organisers at £1.00 per luggage label, on the label they write the designer price and their own name, these labels are attached to the items and are dropped of at the organisers homes, where these ladies fill their garages etc with the array of items, the ladies get given the hall for free for the charity, and set up the rails of goodies.  The charity get all the £1.00 ticket fees, the sellers get the price of their designer goodies, and the £2.00 entrance fee also goes to the charity. The ladies were telling me that last years event, took over £7,000, and this year was set to do even more !!!  My daughter and I came out with pretty loaded bags !

I do think they missed a trick in that they could have had a stand for make up and beauty products, I am sure it would have been popular, and actually I am sure local ladies would have happily dontated these items for the charity.

Anyone else been to designer sales for charity ? what were your thoughts ?

Love n Hugz
Lyn x