Aldi Lacura Thermal Spring Facial Care

Aldi Lacura Thermal Spring Facial Care

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Let's talk bargain, once again our friends at Aldi have come up with a fabulous skincare range  Thermal Spring which is specifically designed for sensitive skin.

Thermal Spring water is a natural mineral groundwater that emerges from the ground at a temperature of over 20 Degrees Celsius containing minerals and trace elements it is ideal for use in a sensitive skin range.

Aldi Lacura Thermal Spring Facial Care

I tested out the Thermal Spring Facial Care, the 50 ml glass jar contains a light soothing cream that would be ideal for all skin types but especially Sensitive, whilst the cream is a moisturiser that leaves your skin fully moisturised it felt as though it had healing properties and totally soothed my face after a rather abrasive cleanser trial of another product, I was left with red uncomfortable skin, and this moisturiser really soothed it.

Lacura Thermal Spring  is a complete skincare range, with Facial Care, Eye Care, Body Lotion and Shower Gel. If you have delicate skin you have a whole body treatment at Aldi's bargain prices. Each item costs £1.99  so a whole range for less that £8.00.

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